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    Festergut guide

    Post  Maggnus on Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:13 pm

    Since i am really tired of explaining everytime the fight for Festergut in raid, i will just post here the whole fight.

    Tank the boss right where he starts. The raid is divided into a ranged group which sets up distributed, at least 10 yards away from everyone else, and a melee group, which stands close in, everyone on top of each other, slightly behind the boss. Members of the close-in group hardly need to move at all, and can concentrate on maximum DPS. Melee dps can dps from the side of the boss, but must collapse onto the tanks for the spores. The ranged group has to move regularly, and its members may also get Vile Gas, which incapacitates them for 6 seconds.

    Since the encounter is a DPS race, the melee group should be large, while the ranged group should be small. The required minimum number for the ranged group is 3 in 10 man and 8 in 25man. If fewer raid members stand outside melee range, members of the melee group may get Vile Gas, which usually leads to a wipe.

    So the first priority when organizing the groups is to get the minimum number in ranged. If possible, healers should be part of the melee group (this encounter is pretty healing intensive). If many ranged are available, it's even possible to put ranged damage dealers in the melee group, increasing their output substantially. On the other hand, it may be advantageous to put a few more than the required minimum at range, to reduce the probability of double spores in the melee group, and to create a safety margin if a ranged dies.

    The ranged group members need to keep at least 10 yards away from everyone else. The simplest method is to put the required number of ranged players in a wide circle around the room. It's possible to move around the outer circle without pulling the boss prior to the fight. A more efficient way is to organize ranged in pairs, where one player stands halfway towards the melee group and the other stands outside.

    Roughly two minutes into the encounter, Festergut casts Pungent Blight, which causes about 50,000 damage to every player in the raid. Players take 25% less damage per stack of Inoculation they gain. Inoculation is gained by standing within 5 yards of a Spore when it explodes. Festergut casts three sets of Spores prior to Pungent Blight; thus players can reduce Pungent Blight damage to 25% (12.5k). It's not possible to gain more than one stack of Inoculation at the same time, that is standing within 5 yards of more than one spore results in higher damage taken, but not extra Inoculation stacks.

    The first Pungent Blight clears all stacks of Innoculate. Festergut continues to cast Spore sets, and may cast a second Pungent Blight about 30 seconds prior to the enrage. If overall damage output is high enough to kill him early, it's safe to pop DPS cooldowns after the 3rd spore and ignore the spores for the remainder of the fight. However, with marginal DPS, it's a good idea to continue stacking Innoculation, and pop cooldowns after the 6th spore.

    In 10 player, Festergut casts 2 Spores, in 25 player it's three. After Spores are cast, all players have 10 seconds to move within 5 yards of a raid member with a spore. At the same time, raid members with spores should pay attention that two spores should not stand next to each other.

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