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    Arcane mage PvE guide


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    Arcane mage PvE guide

    Post  Tryagain on Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:36 am

    So, you want some tips on being an Arcane mage? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This post will have all sorts of great info for the polymorphing, strudel conjuring magic flinger!

    THE SPEC :


    This is the 57/3/11 spec that top arcane mages are using right now. Notice the lack of a talent point spent in Slow deep in the arcane tree. But wait! Why take Torment the Weak if I don't also pick up Slow? Because. All (non-fail) tanks have an ability that will trigger your Torment the Weak's increased damage, and their ability should be up on the boss at all times.


    There is really very little room to play with gear enchants if you want the most from your mage. Profession enchants should always be taken over the enchants presented here.

    Head - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries

    Shoulders - Greater Inscription of the Storm

    Cloak - Greater Speed

    Chest - Powerful Stats

    Bracers - Superior Spellpower

    Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower (Engineering mages should take Hyperspeed Accelerators)

    Pants - Brilliant Spellthread

    Boots - Icewalker

    Main Hand Weapon - Black Magic or Mighty Spellpower ( Neither of them are mistake. )

    Staff - Greater Spellpower


    You should always use these three glyphs as an Arcane Mage:

    * Glyph of Arcane Blast – Increases the damage from your Arcane Blast buff by 3%

    * Glyph of Arcane Missiles – Increases the critical strike damage bonus of Arcane Missiles by 25%

    * Glyph of Molten Armor – Your Molten Armor grants an additional 20% of your spirit as critical strike rating.

    These three glyphs are the best glyphs you can use and should always be the glyphs filling your major glyph slots.

    Minor Glyphs don’t do nearly as much as Major Glyphs, so you can take whichever you feel suits you.


    The spec above comes with a few cool abilities you should use when you need to boost your damage and give you an edge on the fight.

    1. [Presence of Mind] – Activating this spell makes your next spell with a cast time less than ten seconds instant cast. Perfect for when you need to get cast a quick polymorph or arcane blast.

    2. [Focus Magic] – Cast this on another spell casting class to increase their spell crit chance by 3%. When they crit with a spell (which can be either damage or healing), you gain a ten second buff that also increases your crit chance by 3%.

    3. [Arcane Power] – This ability increases the damage your arcane spells deal by 20%, while also increasing the mana cost by 20% as well. ‘Nuff said.

    4. [Icy Veins] – Icy Veins is important too! It’ll give you a buff that increases your casting speed. Learn to love it and use it often.

    Note: [Arcane Power] and [Presence of Mind] can NOT be active at the same time.


    Arcane mages have a very simple rotation.

    1. Cast Arcane Barrage

    2. Then keep casting Arcane Blast until the Arcane Blast Debuff reaches 4 stacks.

    3. If Missile Barrage is up, cast Arcane Missiles.

    4. Repeat until the target dies.

    If Missile Barrage doesn’t proc, you have to choose whether to continue casting Arcane Blast,or to cast Arcane Barrage and then spamming Arcane Blast again.


    1. Spell Power – Spell Power is the most important stat an arcane mage can have. Unlike other stats like haste and crit, Spell Power does not lose value the more of it you have.

    2. Haste Rating – This makes your spells cast faster. Pretty darn important. And way more fun.

    3. Crit Rating – Arcane doesn’t rely on crit rating as much as Frost or Fire does, so you don’t have to worry about it as much.

    4. Hit Rating – Hit rating is your most important stat to get capped, but is utterly useless afterwards. If you have the talent spec above, you will need 289 hit rating to hit a raid boss 100% of the time.

    5. Spirit - Spirit is good for a PvE arcane mage, because your Molten Armor grants an additional 20% of your spirit as critical strike rating.You don`t need many critical strike rating as an arcane mage, but a little more crit won`t be bad for you.

    Intellect will generally be on all your stuff, and try to avoid Mp5 when possible, because it is mostly useless. GBOK > GBOW !


    Nothing much to decide here. You can go with 23 spellpower as red, 12 spellpower + 10 haste as yellow, and 12 spell power + 10 spirit as blue

    ( If you think you have enough critical strike rating, you can go with 12 spellpower and 13 spell penetration. )

    I think that’s all the basics you’ll need to know right now.Have fun killing bosses with your OP Arcane Mage !

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