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    Hunter Guide

    Post  Neravarine on Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:29 am

    Hi there, I'm not gonna waste time on some interductiouns and stuff since you all most likely know who I am. So without further adue.
    These are the stuff you can expect from this guide:
    1. Spec discription
    2. Talents
    3. Gems/Caps
    4. Glyphs
    5. Rotations (The way I myself am using)
    6. Addons

    These are the stuuf you CANNOT expect from this guide:
    1.Extreme increase of dps, dmg done and stuff like that.
    2.Learning Hunter class totally.

    -Hunters UPs in raids:

    High dmg, lots of mobility.
    Ableness to reset threat.
    -Hunters DOWNs in raids:

    No raid viability aside from damage.
    At higher gear levels, and BiS gear, you lack an absurd amount of hit rating.
    Horrible mana efficiency, normally relying on a replenishment talent.
    Extremely movement sensitive.

    **Before I start I would like to point out these are just basic things you need to watch out and keep in mind so that your usefullness to the raid is maximized**
    1) Spec discription:
    Hunters have 3 talent trees:
    1.Beast Mastery (later refered as BM)
    2.Marksmenship (later refered as MM)
    3.Survival(later refered as survi)

    -BM is the talent tree you would normally use for leveling as it helps you do dmg freely as your pet tanks with insane amount of aggro and dmg done. As for raids this spec should be taken by one hunter in the raid due to 3% raid dmg increase. Keep in maid that this is not a DPS spec, but, DMG done overall is in some cases the highest among all three.
    -MM is our "best" and highburst talent tree, used usually in late game raiding. MM it self makes best DPS, and DMG done is pretty close to BM. Do keep in mind using this talent tree will require you having a high lvl ranged weapon as your skills mostly depend on "white" weapon dmg.
    -Survi is the best mid-geared*, low-geared** spec to use in raiding because it focuses more on attack power and less on your gear. This is the most "raid benefitial" talent tree we have because of replanishments, and some other skills.
    *,** Even thogh it's preferably used at "low" gear, the DPS and DMG does grows with your gear, so it's close to MM but not just there.

    1. BM http://wow335.gamestool.net/huntert.php?512002015052122231105311510053051010000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000
    2. MM http://wow335.gamestool.net/huntert.php?502000000000000000000000000153051012300132331352313515000002000000000000000000000
    3. Survi http://wow335.gamestool.net/huntert.php?000000000000000000000000000053051010000000000000000005000032500033330531135301331

    There are some talents here and there that you can change, but these capture the essential stuff you usually wanna take.
    Keep in mind that whatever spec you take, it's not gonna do the dmg for you, you'll gonna have to get more familiar with the talents and adapt it to your style of play.

    3) Gems/Caps

    -Normaly priority of your stats in raids would be like this:
    1. Agility (Essential to survival hunters, and begining MM hunters with low ARP to start with)
    2. Attack Power (Mostly used as BM because of the ferocity pet talent called "Wild hunt" which gives your pet a persentage of your attack power)
    3. Armor Penetration (Good for MM hunters, increases dmg of your autoshot, steady shot, aimed shot)
    **Is Armor Pen Better Than Agility?
    For the majority of hunters the answer is no. Agility is better than armor pen (for MM and SV). You should not use armor pen gems, and you should not use armor pen food – you should stack agility. You will do less damage stacking armor pen than if you use agility/attack power in those slots. Obviously BM hunters prefer attack power over agility or armor pen.

    However, at a certain high gear levels armor pen does actually surpass agility and you can do more dps by stacking armor pen. The exact number varies depending on your specific gear (’cause there’s more to it than just the ArP) but figure in general somewhere around 800 passive ArP rating from gear (not procs) is needed before armor pen becomes better than agility.

    But wait, there’s more:

    Because armor pen only benefits our physical shots and not our magical shots, the armor pen versus agility rule only works if you are MM – who have a lot more physical damage. Furthermore, since most of our physical damage is in the form of autoshot and steady shot, we only get the full advantage on fight in which we can stand still a lot. The armor pen advantage works best for hunter who are very skilled at managing their movement (and managing movement is a key skill for all hunters). And you will want a special talent build to take advantage of that (with Imp Steady Shot and no imp arcane) and remove arcane shot from your rotation except in special circumstances like running shots when nothing else is available.**

    Before you start stacking any of these stats there is something you need to get capped first and that is HIT RATING. Hit cap for hunters is 8% in pve.

    If you desided to go the marksman road, and started stacking ARP know this, ARP cap is 1400 (100%) and at about 400-500 ARP your Steady shot acctually deals more dmg than your Arcane shot, so use it only when your forced to move.

    Different spec requires different glyph arrangement:
    1)BM Glyph of Bestial Wrath, Glyph of Steady Shot, Glyph of Serpent Sting/Kill shot-this one is up to you and your style of play.
    2)MM Glyph of Chimera Shot/Kill shot (again up to you), Glyph of Serpent Sting, Glyph of Steady shot(these two are a must!).
    3)Survi Glyph of Steady Shot, Glyph of Serpent Sting, Glyph of Explosive Shot/Kill shot (depends on how high your criti is, if you have move then 45% take kill shot)

    As a Hunter you don't acctually have exact rotation, you have shot preority:
    1.Kill shot
    2.Chimera shot/Explosive shot
    3.Aimed shot
    4.Steady shot
    5.Arcane shot

    In acctual fight your rotation should look like this:
    1)BM- Serpent sting>Aimed shot>Arcane shot>Steady shot and from then use whatever is available.
    2)MM- Serpent sting>Chimera shot>Aimed shot>4x Steady shot and repeat from Chimera shot.
    3)Survi- there are different kinds of rotations on survi as it is the most difficult spec to play(be good at it) here is the link I think explains it well.

    There are some things you MUST have as a hunter:
    2.Threat meter, Omen3 for example.
    the rest is up to you, but these are essential.

    This has been a short guide of Hunter class I hope you'll find usefull, I'll be posting some dps guides for all classes soon, ofc, it will mostly be on hunter examples, so stay tuned!

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