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    Fire mage PvE guide


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    Fire mage PvE guide

    Post  Frostchika on Thu May 02, 2013 9:00 am

    Welcome to Fire Mage PvE guide.

    Hi rookie mages, I'm going to explain everything you need to know about fire mages.

    In this guide I'm going to talk about :

    3.Gems, Glyphs, Enchants


    Most common fire spec on 3.3.5 patch
    Fire/TTW. Reason why we take TTW (Torment the Weak 3/3) is simple. You will always have slows on boss even tho he can't be slowed, it affects your damage, in a positive way ofcourse.

    Lich King spec for mages which are geared enough to dps LK on transition phases, only if dps on Raging Spirits is good enough. Fire/6y


    Stats for fire mage goes like this:


    Hit is on first place. You need 11% from your gear, 3 from talents and 3 from raid setup. So that makes 17% which is hard cap for Fmages.

    Crit is on second place. This spec is very crit dependent so you need all crit you can get, more crit = more damage you do. You need somewhere about 55%-60% self buffed.

    SP comes third togther with haste. After you're done with crit just try to get SP and haste.

    Spirit (20 spirit) should be never gemed over Crit, SP and haste.

    3.Gems, Glyphs, Enchants
    Pretty much you gem your gear so it gives you socket bonus.
    12 Spell power 10 Spirit Purified Dreadstone
    12 Spell power 10 Critical Potent Ametrine
    23 Spell power Runed Cardinal Ruby

    Glyphs you need to use for Fire/TTW spec are:
    -Glyph of Living Bomb
    -Glyph of Fireball
    -Glyph of Molten Armor

    Glyphs you need to use for Fire/6y spec are:
    -Glyph of Blink (blink back to throne, yes it helps)
    -Glyph of Living Bomb
    -Glyph of Molten Armor

    Enchants you need to use are:

    Head - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries (obtainable from Dala vendor)
    Shoulders - Greater Inscription of the Storm (obtainable in vote shop) or (inscription)
    Cloak - Greater Speed or (tailoring)
    Chest - Powerful Stats
    Bracers - Superior Spellpower + (BS)
    Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower or (Enginnering)
    Pants - Brilliant Spellthread
    Boots - Icewalker or (Enginnering)
    Main Hand Weapon - Black Magic

    Very important is to have 2 proffesions on your charracter. Two proffesions I use are Talioring and Enchanting. It depends on you what to choose its best to take Jewelcrafting and Tailoring / Enginnering.


    Fire mage rotation is not hard when you get used to it, it goes like this:

    Living Bomb>Scorch>Fireball>CDs>Fireball..>Pyroblast>LB etc.

    So why is Scorch^ red. Its red because you don't have to use it if there is warlock in a raid and his dmg spell will cancel your "Improved Scorch debuff on target and using Scorch will be only DPS loss.After Living Bomb you go with 1 Fireball which will hopefully proc your enchants, trinkets etc, than you pop Your CDs (Mirror Image,Berserking(trolls only) and Potion of Haste/Wild Magic) after that just spam your Fireball and apply your LB after it exploades and use your Pyroblast when you get Hot Streak proc. That will maximize your dps and it will keep you on top of the dps charts.


    Macros I'm using are:

    /cast Mirror Image
    /cast Berserking(Racial)
    /cast Combustion

    This macro is your CDs macro. If you re troll like me (lol) you can use this one otherwise delete Berserking.
    This is pretty much only macro which have something to do with your dps, maybe if are rookie mage you will need
    /stopcasting Pyroblast
    /stopcasting Pyroblast
    /cast Pyroblast
    if you accidentally press pyro and theres no HS proc it will cancel it and you can go back to your standard rotation.

    There are other macros that you can use but those are optional:
    mouseover Ampifly Magic(for DBS fight)
    #showtooltip Amplify Magic
    /cast [@mouseover,help,exists,nodead][@target,help,nodead] [] Amplify Magic

    Dampen Magic
    #showtooltip Dampen Magic
    /cast [@mouseover,help,exists,nodead][@target,help,nodead] [] Dampen Magic
    Remove Curse(Halion) etc
    /cast [nomod,@mouseover] Remove Curse
    /cast [mod,@"name"] Remove Curse

    Iceblock macro to cancel it if you use it to big dmg(Plungen Blight(lol), Sindra's bomb, pretty much alot damaging spells).
    /cancelaura Ice Block
    /cast Ice Block
    You can use Invisibility macro to cancel it same like Iceblock to drop your threat and reset CD on your potions.
    /cancelaura Invisibility
    /cast Invisibility


    Addons you can use are:
    Cheese, something similar to Power Auras, except you dont need to edit anything it has already everything set up.
    Quartz, cast bar which is great replace to that retarded Blizz one.
    TellMeWhen, addon which shows you remaing cooldown on your buffs, debuffs, items cds and all other craps. (sup cool)

    Other addons I use are:

    -Xperl and

    All addons I'm using except Cheese you can download from
    Thats all, if I missed something constructive criticsm is welcome.

    Learn this and you will be good to go.


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