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    Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)


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    Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)

    Post  saltinguy on Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:49 am

    1.MAIN CHARACTER NAME: Saltingue / not old one from Frozen Skull ofc.

    2.RACE AND CLASS: Blood elf –Rogue.

    3. a)MAIN SPEC: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?rogue#3hujfzr17Mx_V,YaNq-O,12213 ( Pve) Assassination.

    b)OFF SPEC: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?rogue#l0cFDKpGJ1cC6o,Jbdq-O,12213 (Pve) combat.

    4.WHAT ARE THE PROFFESIONS YOU USE AND WHAT IS THE SKILL LEVEL OF IT?: Inscription ( 450) full – Engineering (450).

    5.DO YOU HAVE ANY ALTS? IF YES,TELL US THE NAME AND CLASS: Narly (priets) Starshine ( mage)

    6. HOW OLD ARE YOU?: 18.

    7. WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Bolivian – la paz.


    9. ARE YOU ABLE TO PLAY AT THESE HOURS:(Check with + if you are able or - if you arent.Please note that these are the realm times):

    Monday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +
    Tuesday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +
    Wednesday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +
    Thursday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +
    Saturday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +
    Sunday - 19:30 gmt - 00:00 gmt: +

    Monday: 2
    Tuesday: 2
    Saturday: 5
    Sunday: 5

    11.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING WoW?: 2 year I guees

    12.ARE YOU THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF YOUR ACCOUNT AND ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE WHO IS PLAYING ON IT: when created my character saltingue / starshine / narly I use them only

    13.ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM:( Are you willing to take advices from your officers and guild master about your gemming, gear and mistakes in raid.): I can accept their advice and everything I say

    14.DO YOU PREFER PVP OR PVE? AND WHY: I prefer to be pve because I like doing a lot of damage in raid.

    15. ARE YOU USING ANY ADDONS, AND IF YES WHICH: recount,dbm(for raid),sexy map,bagnon,healbot.etc

    16. IS THERE ANYONE IN GUILD WHO CAN VOUCH FOR YOU: Yes, Dragunoy,Euzobious.

    17.WHAT IS YOUR RAID EXPERIENCE? (TELL US ALSO IF IT'S RETAIL(OFFICAL WOW) OR FROM SOME PRIVATE SERVER can't because I can not afford enough time for me to play other private servers this server only game that is best for me.

    RAID EXPERIENCE IN VANILA: none whatsoever.

    RAID EXPERIENCE IN TBC: Retail one none and about his server Sunwell , BT , SSC , Karazhan & all kinds of those TBC dungeons .

    RAID EXPERIENCE IN WOTLK: Icc 10(normal) 10/11-Icc10(heroic)9/11(after the Sindragosa we stopped)25(normal) 10/11.25-(heroic)9/11(the Sindragosa we could not kill) Trial Crusader 25(heroic)7/7 Trial Crusader 25(normal)7/7 Trial Crusader 10(heroic) 7/7-Trial Crusader 10(Normal) 7/7-Voa naxx -Ulduar - I know tham but i never cleared tham on this server.

    18.TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR PLAY STYLE: I like to build up combo points also does great harm ( Garrote-Hunger For Blood-Mutilate-Slice and Dice-Cold Blood-Envenom).

    19.NAME OF YOUR PREVIOUS GUILD, AND REASON FOR LEAVING THEM?: Murder of Holies,i left because that is a dead guild and do not raid, do nothing.

    20. WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN <Evil Dead>?:Best comunity that ever existed on m4a & i wanna be a part of it , hangout with ya guys , help in raids wheneveh you need meh.

    21.WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOU? : My unconditional support to all member.

    22.IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO TELL US?: Love to play wow,sport,listen music,make Love with my girlfriend. Very Happy

    23. DO YOU KNOW WHO BRUCE CAMPBELL IS?: is an actor of the movie evil dead.

    24.HOW MUCH IS THE RESULT OF "2+3"?: 12 no obvious that 5. lol!

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    Re: Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)

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    Your english is decent for a bolivian

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    Re: Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)

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    Re: Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)

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    Re: Saltingue Aplication Assassination (DECLINED)

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